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Uncontested divorce is a cooperative approach to ending a marriage when both spouses are in agreement on key issues.

Uncontested divorce can be a highly beneficial choice for both spouses and their children. This amicable approach to ending a marriage fosters a healthier post-divorce environment, minimizing emotional turmoil and financial strain. In an uncontested divorce, the focus shifts from adversarial proceedings to cooperative resolution, promoting a stable and nurturing environment for children to thrive. It not only benefits the parents but also ensures that the well-being and future of the children remain a top priority during this challenging time.

The Matters At Hand


Generally, on the party filing will be required to appear at the final hearing and in some jurisdiction the Judge will approve the agreements and grant the divorce without a court hearing.

Division of Assets

The division of marital estate which includes everything accumulated during the marriage, regardless of how itis titled, with the exception of inheritance or gifts.

Payment of Debts

The payment of the debts accumulated during marriage. Communication, negotiation, and a clear understanding is crucial in this challenging period.


The payment of alimony is based upon the need of the financially disadvantaged party and the ability of the spouse to pay, taking into consideration the length of the marriage.

Parenting Plan

When the children will be with each parent, and other details of the rights and responsibilities of the parents.

Child Support

Child support based upon the child support guidelines. The relevant information is the gross monthly income of each parent, the out of pocket expense and the time the children are scheduled to be with each parent.

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