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Divorce is a challenging and  emotionally charged journey many individuals face every year. However, knowledge is power, and understanding the best way to approach the intricacies of divorce can make this transition smoother and more manageable.


Mediation is a process that empowers couples to take control of their futures, fostering
open communication and understanding amidst the turmoil. 


With guidance and a nurturing environment, children can survive and thrive during and after the divorce. We foster resilience, promoting healthy co-parenting, and ensuring that the well-being of the children remains the top priority.

Divorce is a problem to be solved not a battle to be fought.
Preserve the family assets and carefully plan for your children’s future after divorce in a safe and respectful way.


In our country over half of first marriages and a greater number of second marriages end in divorce.

What happens between the time the marriage relationship is over and it legally ends? 

The answer to that question is as varied as the couples who marry. If couples are unwilling or unable to continue the marital relationship, the process of ending the relationship should not be more painful than the marriage itself.

Divorce can be emotionally and financially devastating to families and can have negative effects on family members lasting far into the future. Mediation provides a safe, private, cost effective process for the party’s to address all divorce issues. 

Guiding Families Through Divorce


If parties have reached a financial settlement on their own and agree to a plan for their children, Jan can serve as the attorney for one of the parties for an uncontested divorce without the need for mediation. 

If there is no agreement and mediation is needed the parties  commit to reaching an outcome that is as fair as possible to the whole family. They are able to explore financial options and focus on the future care and support of their children in a problem-solving environment. Parents are able to learn to relate in a different way so they can successfully parent their children after the divorce.

Jan also works with parents after the divorce as well as never married parents when there is any issue about the children, including child support.


Protecting Children By Minimizing The Negative Effects Of Divorce


Jan Walden is an attorney who cares about your family. She has worked with divorcing and never married parents for many years both as an attorney and mediator. Her private practice is dedicated to the peaceful settlement of family conflict by reducing the financial and emotion costs of divorce; and assisting in the creation of the best possible Parenting Plan for the future of children after divorce. 

As a Mediator, Jan Walden can help you and your spouse explore the options available when faced with divorce. If you agree to divorce, she can guide you through gathering the necessary information for fairly dividing the marital assets and paying the marital debts. She can help you develop a parenting plan that is in the best interest of your children, specifically designed for the particular circumstances and needs of the whole family, while focusing on the developmental needs of your children and the preservation of a safe, nurturing relationship with both parents.



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Client Reviews


“Attorney Jan Walden was very helpful in getting me through a tough time. She was always available and responsive, ready to provide guidance and support. Her direct communication style resonated with me and we were able to get things done quickly and efficiently, without a lot of fuss or wasting billable time.”

-Meike B.


“One session with Jan Walden mediating between my ex-husband and myself achieved more than years of litigation has done. Jan helped both myself and ‘the ex’ define our goals for the future in regards to parenting time and shared parenting responsibilities. I felt we both were helped by her to speak and be heard, and positive progress was definitely made. Jan Walden was gracious and compassionate and I highly recommend seeking her help for matters in need of mediation.”

-Connie E.

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