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Since 1991

“My first contact with family court was many years ago when I was the Special Master of the Fourth Circuit Court of Davidson County. I investigated custody cases and submitted a factual report (no recommendations) to the Judge to assist him in his rulings. I often sat in the courtroom and observed high powered lawyers going at clients and each other in an effort to zealously represent their clients. I was encouraged by the Judge to go to law school and I believed from the very beginning that it was my job as an attorney to keep my clients out of court.” -Attorney Jan Walden

My beliefs

My belief is that the adversarial atmosphere of the courtroom should be a last resort. I believe that parties owe it to themselves and most definitely to their children to at least attempt a peaceful resolution of their divorce and parenting issues. I have dedicated my professional life to assisting clients in protecting their emotional health and that of their children as well as protecting the family from the high cost of contested litigation. There is a better way.

Building Bridges

I have always believed that it is the responsibility of all professionals whether Judges, attorneys, mediators or mental health professionals, not to make the divorce worse than the marriage.

Conflict Resolution

I believe that divorce is a problem to be solved, not a battle to be fought. When clients seek my help they are often emotionally raw and unable to use their integrated brain—operating from emotional brain and not the thinking brain. They are often focused on their role as a victim and are sad, angry but above all scared. 

From Discord to Harmony

 I believe that people fight out of fear—fear that they won’t get a fair shake—fear that they will be taken advantage of and most often fear about their children. Understandably so.

Experience You Can Trust

“For over 30 years that I have been a family and divorce mediator. I have not met parents who do not care about their children. They are sometimes totally in the dark about how to protect them as the divorce proceeds, but for the most part I believe they are teachable when it comes to the needs of their children as they transition to spending time with each parent in different homes.” 

Jan first trained as a divorce mediator in 1991 and has received extensive training from several nationally recognized mediation trainers. She’s continued her training by attending conferences and seminars throughout the country in an effort be informed of the most up to date research relating to the effects on children when their parents are not together.

Served as president of the first statewide Mediation Association and Chair of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the Tennessee Bar Association. Jan was a founding board member of both the Tennessee Association of Professional Mediators and the Middle Tennessee Collaborative Alliance.

Member of the Tennessee Bar Association (Family Law and Dispute Resolution Sections), the Tennessee Association of Professional Mediators and the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. Jan was  listed as a Supreme Court Rule 31 Mediator since its inception.

“I realize that some parents are unable or unwilling to shield their children from their conflict; or there may be safety issues resulting from coercive controlling domestic violence; there may be serious physical or mental illness such as personality disorders; chemical dependency or allegation of sexual abuse which present extraordinary challenges in creating an appropriate parenting plan. In may be impossible for the parents to agree and these are the cases when court cannot be avoided and the Judge has the overwhelming responsibility to create the best possible parenting plan in view of all the circumstances.”
-Attorney Jan Walden

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Client Reviews


“Attorney Jan Walden was very helpful in getting me through a tough time. She was always available and responsive, ready to provide guidance and support. Her direct communication style resonated with me and we were able to get things done quickly and efficiently, without a lot of fuss or wasting billable time.”

-Meike B.


“One session with Jan Walden mediating between my ex-husband and myself achieved more than years of litigation has done. Jan helped both myself and ‘the ex’ define our goals for the future in regards to parenting time and shared parenting responsibilities. I felt we both were helped by her to speak and be heard, and positive progress was definitely made. Jan Walden was gracious and compassionate and I highly recommend seeking her help for matters in need of mediation.”

-Connie E.

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