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Children often feel that it is their fault when they find themselves in the midst of their parents' fighting. In the case of divorce, post divorce, or when their parents have never been married, children feel they are caught in the middle and they don’t like it. They are often afraid of what will happen to them.
One of the greatest advantages of mediation is the benefit to the children. By sitting down with a mediator the parents can focus on the needs of the children, rather than the parents’ individual wants. The parents can also reach a greater understanding of their personal and financial responsibilities with regard to their children. In a safe and confidential environment parents are able to openly discuss fears and concerns about their children’s future as they work to create the best possible Parenting Plan for their children.

Long lasting and beneficial agreements are reached without the bitterness of contested litigation which is generally quite costly both emotionally and financially and results in an increase in the conflict that is so harmful to the children. How parents handle the conflict of divorce impacts the children’s emotional heath and their adjustment to the changes they are experiencing. Parents can spare their children the effects of bitter fighting through their willingness to listen to each other and to implement new ideas. Mediation helps parents separate personal issues from parenting issues, protecting children from unwarranted stress and anxiety while meeting their need for a safe, nurturing relationship with both parents.

Court battles over children are always painful and seldom have a happy outcome. The best efforts of a good judge may result in decisions that neither parent or the children like. In mediation the parents make the decisions for their children. Planning for the children’s future is a problem to be solved, not a battle to be fought. Parents can make the best use of their time and money by working together to make the best decisions for their children’s future.

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"The Evans Matter"
You may find it helpful to view the following video, “The Evans Matter” which is presented in two parts.
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